Welcome to Bottle Fed Baby!

I have created this site to bring helpful advice to new or experienced parents in the hope that I can help at least a few of you through the minefield of parenthood. With so many controversial talking points surrounding rearing children is it any wonder that we’re baffled as to what to read and follow?

What you’ll get from this site is honest opinions based on my own personal experiences. As a father of 3, I do have first had experience and will be sharing that with you to help inform your decisions. I’m not a midwife trying to make you feel bad about not breastfeeding despite not having my own children. What you’ll get is real life experiences, honest reviews and some great ideas to help along the journey.

The reason for the name of the site is pretty simple, I was bottle fed as a baby and despite the scaremongering in the press, I think I turned out alright! 🙂

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, you can message me any time by visiting the contact page.

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